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The world of interior design is in my soul – I love beautifully designed interiors. I love creating spaces that are luxurious and comfortable but I felt something was missing. I discovered for me meaningfulness was missing. Why?

Living a plant-based lifestyle gave me the opportunity to look at my personal and professional practices. Upon examination and some soul searching, I found the need to align both. It now feels beautiful to know I’m designing, sourcing and working with vendors that produce sustainable products that are luxurious and environmentally friendly. And, collaborating with clients that live by the same or similar ethos is truly a blessing.

On a personal level, I’m compassionate about animals and our planet. I’ve adopted rescue animals my entire adult life – starting off with a beautiful Siamese cat that I had for seventeen years and followed by many other meowing darlings. Sixteen years ago, I started a new journey of adopting retired GreyHounds. I began with one and was told they’re like Lay’s potato chips, “You Can’t Eat Just One”. So true, before I knew it, I had two, then four. As one would pass over the Rainbow Bridge another rescue was waiting for his or her Forever Home. There I was testing another to a new home. Today, my home is shared by my Cornish Rex, Neptune and  Panda my Siamese, along with two Great Greys, Chipper and Ibiza.

As you can imagine, a house full of animals (oh not to mention, Bun-Bun a lionhead angora rabbit I found in the woods while walking the dogs) can potentially wreak havoc on furnishings and finishes (+ my yard, but that’s in the landscaper’s hands). Loving my animals as family members, I set out on a path to find eco-friendly products while still enjoying the beauty of a well-designed home. With endless hours of research, I discovered new technologies along with ethically made alternatives to leather, feathers, fur, wool and toxic materials that are representative of high-end luxury goods. It’s a win-win for all!

Living in a sustainable home environment is also about becoming aware of the healthy vs. unhealthy finishes and products we surround ourselves with. Green products on the home improvement market today are plentiful. However, it can still be challenging when resources aren’t readily available. It takes time and commitment, to find finishes, furnishings, and equipment that fits within the criteria of cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. That’s why I have dedicated myself to People, Pet & Planet Conscious design – it’s my Passion and my Purpose! If you’re looking to transform your home into a healthy compassionate living environment, I can help! I’m partnered with local and national product lines that help make your home people, pet and planet friendly! Contact me today! 206.295.0940 |